Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OK Stars like NBA All Stars, one more good example from Spain

For the third time OK STARS takes place in Spain. In 28th January, Blanes will be the Spanish Capital of Roller Hockey, with a full day of practice. 
For the unknowns about this competition, it's comparable to NBA All Stars. The Event is divided in different performances as:
  • Young Championship
  • Women's OK STARS 
  • Skills Contest
  •  Men's OK STARS (Match of Stars)
During the morning, the young championship will promote roller hockey between the Spanish young players,t he best way to prepare the future of roller hockey.
After the lunch comes the Women's OK STARS, showing that Roller Hockey can't survive without women's. Concerning the selection of women players and coaches to be prsent in Blanes, will be chosen by capitans and coaches of the teams of each conference (more details on the rules of tournament).

The main part of OK Stars will come after with some of the best players in the World. They will dispute first some Skills Contest splitted in 3 different categories:
  1. Fastest Player (speed race between players)
  2. Precision (shoot to specific parts of goal)
  3. Best Goalkeeper (shoot from different sides of the rink by 8 players)
The winner of each category will win 500€!

To conclude the amazing day there will be the Match of Stars between the players of two conferences (again see all the rules of tournament).
One of the most interesting points of the Men's tournament is the selection of each player. Thus, all Roller Hockey Fans have the opportunity to choose their favorite players to play in Blanes. 

The voting will be until 18th January 2012 on the website of Spanish Federation.

    Some videos of last editions


    OK STARS 2010 Match between OK LIGA STARS

    Don't forget to vote and to watch the possible broadcast by Spanish and Catalan TV of this amazing event!!!
    Source of news:RFEP 

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