Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks Egypt for this lesson, about Democracy

Historic Day in Egypt, a millenarian country, with such a big story.
Although of the relation of this blog just with Egyptian Roller Hockey, we could not forget, this amazing day. All the World is looking to the Egypt people, and what together the humans can do without using weapons.
Such an important message to a World that just think in superficial things nowadays, forgetting their own rights and their values.
All the countries and politicians should look to this as an example, always we have a word to say, and we should not give up never, even when we are fighting against powerful people surrounded by Big Bosses and money without end.

Our blog hopes that this can be a new Era to Egypt, and also to the Islamic World.

Also we should not forget the real  World of the Roller Hockey. All of us know that it is crossing a lot of problems, and seems that nobody wants to solve it. Is time to act and to change.
Roller Hockey needs a BIG revolution, not just in Egypt, but in all World!!
Let's fight together and do efforts to change what is bad.

Thank you Egypt, شكرا مصر

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