Monday, January 3, 2011

Roller Hockey Rankings Updated

One more time our friend Fernando Castro updated is fantastic work with the Roller Hockey Rankings.
According to clubs the best team of the world is Benfica (Portugal) with 2.554 while in Egypt, our best team is: AL-Dakhlyea in the 405th position with 1.544 points, followed by Nasr city in the 577th  with 1.302 points, El-Zamalek in 624th with 1.207 points, Al Maadi in 654th with 1.128 points, Al Masry in 694th with 997 points, Al Zohour in 697th with 981 points and finally Damnhour in 702th with 964 points.

Our National time is the 23th in the World,with 1.631 points, while Spain is the best Nation of the World with 2.799 points.

Egypt young teams isn't yet in the Ranking, but we hope to see it in next World Cup in Barcelos, Portugal. to be in the next Ranking.

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