Friday, December 3, 2010

Amazing match...!!!!

First we must thank Mohannad Salah and Al-Sekka Al-Hadeed U20 for the great match against Al-Maadi U20 this match so special because the result of the match proved the emergence of new team is different from the rest of the teams and the biggest proof of the overwhelming effort to the coach Mohannad salah .....
The back panel is very high performance in front of a very strong competitor and was unbeaten in any match before and with that of Egypt were able to win the performance of unusual and extraordinary result....

10 - 1


Al-Sekka Al-Hadeed back again with great team U 20...

Greetings to you all....!!!!

Nader Fawzy
Omar safwat
Ahmed Hassen
Kareem SalmanMohamed said bakr the goalkeeper

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