Saturday, November 13, 2010

Egyptian Roller Hockey League 2010/11 Season

After Dornbirn, Roller Hockey didn't stop in Egypt and start two weeks ago.
After a Championship won by Al-Dakhlyea a new season is starting, and all the others teams want to conquered the Big Trophy in Egypt.
We expect that this season will be the best ever, and might show new players in our country that could help Egypt in next B-World cup (or Qualifying Tournament, we don't know yet).

The teams for the 5th edition of our League will be:
  • Al-Dakhlyea 
  • Al-Zohour 
  • Nasr city 
  • Damnhour
  • El maadi
  • Al Masry
  • Al Zamalek 
We will try to put more information about the teams soon!

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