Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Almost sure that Austria will be in our way in semi-finals

After a good beginning with 2 victories and 1 loss, our team lost the two following games:

Egypt 1:10 USA
Macau 4:2 Egypt

So our classification will be the 4th place in group B, and consequently we will fight for an historical presence in the semi-finals with the host national team, Austria.
Will be a hard match, for one hand Austria win all the matches until now in group A, and they are played at home.

The match will be tomorow 28th of October at 19:00 (+1Gmt) and can will be commented live in:

Everybody had in mind that this could be the year of Egypt in Roller Hockey to prove that Egypt has place in the better 16 national teams of the world.

Don't Gives up Egypt, let's smash Austria!!

more information:
(Thanks Pedro Jorge for your big work and for your mention to our blog)
(Thanks Ze Carlos for your support)
(Thanks OKcat for the reference to our blog)

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