Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now we are ready....!!!!

First, the national team led by Hisham Arafah the head coach with Amro Mahfouz
Hisham El-Gaabary The Players....

Mohamed Salah ( AL-DAKHLYEA )
Mohannad Salah ( AL-DAKHLYEA )
Kareem Abd el Aal ( AL-DAKHLYEA )

Ahmed Salah Rashed ( AL-DAKHLYEA )
Mohamed Hassen Ahmed ( AL-DAKHLYEA )
Ahmed Batran ( NACR CITY )
Mohamed Ramzy ( NACR CITY )
Haitham Hagar ( AL-ZAMALEK )

The Goalkeepers....

Waled Gamal
Samy Batran ( NACR CITY )

We wish the best for our national team in Austria and achieved an advanced position.

** You can go to FACEBOOK and see the players and the coaches there.....


  1. All the best for the Egyptian Team!

    I'm sure that this Championship will the best one and Egypt will have a much better qualification!

    Good luck!!


    Jose Carlos

  2. Egypt has come a long way! You have much to be proud of. I appreciate your work here at the site too!