Friday, April 23, 2010

**** Al-Zamalek ****

When we talk about this team must adhere to the morality of respect for the history in sports in all kinds of sports....
Includes one of the greatest and most powerful players in the history of this sport in EGYPT he is called " HISHAM EL GA`BARY " he was the Captain of our national team....
This team Includes 3 players and goalkeeper from our national team.....
Although it is a very strong team, not so lucky during the past five years in any of the tournaments....


  1. w8 THEM in tha super egyption cup we will rock you (H)(H)

  2. 3asham eblees :D hehehehehe hya kanet zeroooof kasya 5arega 3an eradetna :D laken el 7akeka enta 3arefha ya wad :D

    bas i hope ennoko te3mlo match kwayes :D

    yeshf3loko bas en 3ndoko c.hisham el g3bary 7abeeeby :D

  3. w8 them in the egyption cup p2a (A)(A) take care ;)